Health Insurance Questions

How Do I Obtain Health Insurance?

Below is a list of INSURANCE programS:

  • MEDICAID - Healthy adults between ages 19-64 with income at or below 138% of the federal poverty level, i.e. $16,643 for a single individual.
  • COUNTY HELTH PLANS - County residents who make less than 240% of the federal poverty limit (about $28,000 for 1 person) per year who do not have any other comprehensive medical coverage.
  • MEDICARE - Medicare is not based on income or assets. It is available at age 65 with Part A (hospital insurance) free to those who have sufficent work credits. A premium is charged for those at age 65 without sufficent work credits. Medicare Part A is also free after 24 months of disability Social Security payments.                                                                  Medicare Part B covers outpatient service including ER and medical supplies. The cost in 2017 is $134.00 per month. The government charges an additional 10% per year if an individual opts out of Medicare Part B. Be aware, Medicaid will not pay for any outpatient services if an individual chooses not to buy Medicare Part B.
  • INDIVIDUAL INSURANCE PLANS - Market Place coverage - View plans at